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We love our cats; otherwise, we wouldn’t have them in our homes in the first place. Moreover, we agree that they can be a job at times, but that shouldn’t give us enough reason to get rid of them.

If we decide to take on the responsibility of keeping a cat, we have to learn to cope, treat them right, and do everything to make their life as comfortable as possible.

One of the things that you might have to deal with when you have a cat is its spray. Most cat owners know that spray gives off an awful odor, even outside. Whenever it happens, you have to act with speed to get rid of the mess.

A cat might pee in your home for various reasons. For instance, if it appears like another cat is taking its place within the household, it may spray on a particular spot in your house to mark its territory. Cats do this in an attempt to get your attention or express dissatisfaction about uncomfortable surroundings.

Other times, your cat will spray due to a medical condition.

Thankfully, if you act quickly and correctly, you can both get rid of the smell and help your cat to overcome this bad habit.

This article will cover getting rid of the smell, but if you want to know how to actually stop your cat from spraying in the first place, go here.

Here are a few of the best ways to get rid of cat spray smell to maintain a clean home:

1. Act fast.

If you catch your cat in the act, act quickly. The smell of cat pee is identifiable soon after the expulsion. Failure to clean it immediately leads to additional concentration, and then it becomes more difficult to remove.

Give the affected area a thorough wipe using a mix of alcohol and water, or warm soapy water. Some people use a clean towel or vacuum to dry the area, but others prefer to let it dry naturally.

2. Use nontoxic natural cleaners.

What if warm soapy water alone doesn’t do the trick? No worries. There are other options at your disposal, such as baking soda.

Cleaning Process

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  1. Get a couple of teaspoons of baking soda and then spread it evenly over the stained area. Avoid using too much baking soda, as this will give you some difficulties during cleaning.
  2. Allow the baking soda to sit on the spot for several hours, and if possible, overnight, before vacuuming it. There is no cause for alarm if your cat tries to go back there. The good thing is that baking soda is non-toxic and hence harmless to your cat.

3. Use an enzymatic cleaner.

Sometimes, the odor is so bad that the above two strategies don’t do much to get rid of it.

If you’re in this situation, look for an enzymatic cleaner. Enzyme neutralizing cleaners are good at breaking down molecules present in the cat urine, and in turn, helping to eliminate the bad smell.

How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell - Enzyme Cleaner

There are many options for enzyme cleaners that work great, such as this one.

Cleaning Process

  1. Dilute the affected area using water. If you weren’t able to identify the mark soon enough, you may have to repeat this stage several times. To prevent the stain from spreading further, avoid over-wetting the area.
  2. Dab the mark with a towel to soak up the water. If your towel begins to take on the bad odor, that’s a good sign. It is an indication that the treatment is effective. If you feel the need to change the towel, do it.
  3. Once you’ve finished diluting the area, apply the enzymatic cleaner. Apply enough to have the mark saturated.
  4. Allow the cleaner to sit on the mark for about ten to fifteen minutes, or as instructed by the manufacturer. Blot the area well and then let it dry naturally. Definitely don’t dry it with heat.
  5. Cover the area with an upturned box (in a way that lets the air through) to prevent the cat from going back to the scene.

Aside from cleaning, there is a quick solution that you can employ in the meantime: air freshener. Use an air freshener that contains baking soda.

Spray on Areas Apart From the Floor

Sometimes, your cat or kitten will spray on the areas you least expect.


If the cat committed the act on a washable item such as furniture or a machine, rinse the area with cold water first.

Get a cupful of baking soda, apply it on the stained part, and with the help of your regular detergent, wash it as usual.


If the cat pee is on your clothes, clean the clothes thoroughly using one cup of apple cider vinegar and your laundry detergent.

If this doesn’t get rid of the bad smell, an enzymatic cleaner will come in handy. If the smell persists, repeat this process until it’s gone.

Here’s a demonstration of using a bacteria and enzyme cleaner to remove cat urine:


In the case of mattresses and couches, use an enzymatic cleaner. Drench the area with water and use a clean towel to absorb it.

Apply a generous amount on the affected part. Leave it there for a couple of minutes and then place several layers of clean towels to soak it up.

For the couch, the more enzymatic cleaner you can absorb from the cushion, the better. Keep replacing the towels with clean ones every day until the area is completely dry. If your cat is always peeing on the mattress, consider covering it with a plastic sheet.


Since you won’t want to be cleaning cat pee all the time, you need to determine why they do it.

Find out if it’s behavioral or due to a medical issue and then take the necessary steps. While it might sound like a lot of hard work, it is certainly achievable.

Have you had to deal with cat spray smell? Which cleaning method worked for you? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!

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