Can Dogs Eat Apples? – Explained

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You want your dog to be healthy, and a healthy diet is an ideal start. But what can you include in your pet’s diet? More specifically, can dogs eat apples?

The good news is yes, apples are safe for dogs. Apples are high in fiber and have the same teeth-cleaning properties for a dog as for a human, but the apple should be prepared properly, as a dog can choke on the core in the middle or have a bad reaction to it.

It’s best to give a dog sliced apple with the seeds and the core removed. Don’t slice too small or there won’t be much for the dog to chew on; just remove any hard bits that it could potentially choke on.

Dogs can rarely be allergic to apples. When first giving your dog apple, keep a close eye out for any possible allergic reaction. When in doubt, consult your vet.

Introducing Apple To Dogs

While many dogs will accept a new treat without hesitation, some dogs may not take to apple, so it’s best to see how your dog reacts by giving it a little bit of your apple when you’re eating one.

A few slices a day as part of a healthy balanced diet should be fine. Don’t overdo the apple or the dog could get an upset stomach. The fiber in apples aids digestion and processing of food.

As well as raw apples, you can also get apple-based dog chews, apple-based treats, or dehydrated apple, but be aware that dried apples are higher in sugar and if the dog has too much then it could cause weight gain or possibly diabetes.

Apples can be fed to dogs from the puppy stage, but never whole — as mentioned, always core and slice the apple before offering it to your pet.

Apple Benefits For Dogs


The main benefits of apple for your dog are:

  • a healthy mouth and teeth
  • general vitality and good digestion
  • something for your dog to look forward to each day if given as a treat

Apples are great sources of vitamin C, vitamin A, and fiber. They are also low in fat and contain potassium and antioxidants.

Some dog owners may be feeding their dog a vegetarian diet, and in that case, they can be assured that apple is a beneficial addition. Apples are full of nutrients that encourage a healthy body, as well as being a pleasant change from the usual diet of a dog.

If you have an older dog who has digestive problems as a result of age, a bit of apple is an excellent supplement as it is low in protein.


To reiterate, yes, dogs can eat apples, but like anything else (bananas, oranges, etc.), they should be given in moderation. While we recommend giving the peel to your dog for added nutrients, the seeds and core should always be removed.

Similarly, apple sauce is also safe to give your dog in moderation. Make sure to go for the unsweetened kind.

Thanks for reading. Are you considering feeding your dog apples? Feel free to share your situation in the comments below.

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