6 Best Dog Beds For Puppies – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

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When we think of dogs getting a comfortable sleep, we often imagine adult dogs, but puppies are no different in this respect.

Regardless of whether you own a puppy of a large or small breed, you’ll want to get them a quality bed that will serve them well for a long time. Your puppy deserves the best in practical comfort.

It’s also important that a puppy has the opportunity to get plenty of quality sleep as they grow into an adult. Puppies tend to need more sleep (up to 18-20 hours per day) in order to support the development of their brains and bodies.

Choosing a dog bed might seem like a simple enough task. But there are a ton of options out there on the market, so how do you narrow them down to the best picks?

Don’t worry — this article is just what you need. We’ll review and compare our picks for the best dog beds for puppies across a range of different budgets.

We have tested all of these beds, and all give excellent value for the cost.

Our Top Dog Bed Picks For Puppies

Based on our own testing, research, and experience, here are our top selections:

  1. Majestic Pet Luxe Suede Bagel Dog Bed
  2. FurHaven Plush Ball Pet Bed
  3. Tall Tails Dream Chaser Donut Bed
  4. FurHaven Ultra-Plush Deluxe Mattress Bed
  5. FurHaven Snuggery Burrow Bed
  6. Majestic Pet Contemporary Lounge Dog Bed

1. Majestic Pet Luxe Suede Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Luxe Suede Bagel Dog Bed - Stone Colour

This Bagel dog bed by Majestic Pet is excellent for puppies for a number of reasons:

  • it nicely accommodates the “Superman” position that many puppies sleep in
  • it’s warm, comfortable, safe and stylish
  • the high-loft fiberfill filling is ideal for puppies

This contemporary bed is also ideal for dogs that like to curl up and snuggle while they sleep. In fact, this is the kind of bed you’re likely to imagine for a small dog.

The center cushion is reversible with faux sheepskin on the other side, which is great if your dog prefers it or needs additional warmth. You can also reverse the cushion as a temporary, quick fix to one side getting dirty.

The bed comes in small, medium and large sizes. If you plan to get another bed for your dog as it grows into an adult, go for the small. Otherwise, get your size based on the estimated size your dog will be when fully grown.

Additional Info

The Majestic Pet Luxe Suede Bagel Dog Bed is made of a polyester/cotton twill on the outside, and stuffed with high-loft, premium polyester fiberfill on the inside.

The heavy-duty zippers of this bed will withstand years of wear and tear and are made by YKK, a top zipper manufacturer.

This bed is assembled in the USA. The slipcover is machine-washable: toss it into an open drum washer and air dry. Do not bleach, wring, iron or dry clean.

As with most other dog beds by Majestic Pet, this one comes in an array of different patterns and colours, making it easy to find the perfect aesthetic for you and your dog.

2. FurHaven Plush Ball Pet Bed

FurHaven Plush Ball Pet Bed

The Plush Ball Pet Bed by FurHaven is soft on noses and paws and provides premium comfort. Out of 130+ customer reviews, it has a 4.9/5 average rating on the FurHaven website.

It’s designed for puppies that like to nest, but it’s great for other sleep positions as well. A stretchy interior liner means the bed can be shaped by your dog to suit the sleep position it prefers.

The sleep surface is made of plush faux fur that gives your dog a warm and cozy rest.

It’s available in small, medium, large, and XL sizes. The small size would seem to make the most sense, but don’t forget to consider the growth of your puppy.

Additional Info

The Plush Ball Pet Bed is very shapeable, thanks to a stretchy inner liner and six equal-sided panels that are easily squished to fit any area. The inner liner is resistant to puncturing from claws and makes it easy for your dog to burrow.

The bed is filled with 100% recycled insulating fluffy fill. A zippered design allows you to add your own filling such as shredded foam, old clothes, beanbag, or feathers. You can replace the existing filling or add to it.

This bed is very wash-friendly; both the zippered cover and inner liner are machine-washable. Remove the filling before throwing the liner in the wash, and use cold water and tumble dry low.

Many dog owners get more than one of these beds. One great option is to get one small size for your puppy, and then have a larger size set aside for when it becomes an adult.

3. Tall Tails Dream Chaser Donut Bed

Tall Tails Dream Chaser Donut Bed Brown

This cute, well-made donut bed by Tall Tails is specifically designed with small dogs (up to 25 lbs) in mind. It’s ideal for dogs that like curling, burrowing and nesting.

If you’re focused on the now and aren’t concerned with getting a bed that your pup can grow into, you should seriously consider the Dream Chaser Donut.


The Dream Chaser Donut Bed has a polyester top & fill, sides and bottom that are 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and a non-leather patch. At just 18″ x 18″, it’s easy to carry around so your small pup can rest in between adventures.

One neat thing about this bed is that the exterior line is reversible; one side is warm and the other side is cool. This makes it easy to change the bedding surface with the seasons, if your dog ends up using the bed over the long term.

Tall Tails suggests that you pair this bed with a Tall Tails blanket to create the perfect “dreamy”, warm environment.

The bed is machine washable; use a cold, gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low. To browse the available colours, visit this page.

4. FurHaven Ultra-Plush Deluxe Mattress Bed

FurHaven Ultra-Plush Deluxe Mattress Bed - Side View

Not interested in bolstered or round beds? No problem. The Deluxe Ultra-Plush Mattress Bed by FurHaven has a simple rectangular shape and has a near perfect average customer rating.

This “step-on” mat design is easy for any puppy (or puppies) to jump onto. The bed is made of very soft faux fur, with a suedine gusset that is dyed to match. Unlike most other beds, both the core and cover are washable.

The bed comes in small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus sizes. We suggest getting a small (20″ x 15″ x 3″) or medium (30″ x 20″ x 3″) size for your puppy, depending on how much allowance you want for growth.


Beyond what is mentioned above, this bed offers several different mattress types: high-loft fiber filling, convoluted orthopedic, full-support foam, memory foam, and cooling gel foam.

The fiber filling is meant for shaping and nestling into, and this is ideal for puppies, who typically don’t need firmer orthopedic support. You can discuss what you think would be best with customer service here.

Note that FurHaven uses CertiPUR-US foam, made in the USA and without harmful heavy metals, flame retardants, or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Clear wash instructions are provided. The cover can be machine-washed with cold water, and line dried or tumble dried on low.

This bed is an open canvas that can accommodate just about any sleeping position for your puppy. It’s also great for multiple puppies.

5. FurHaven Snuggery Burrow Bed

FurHaven Snuggery Burrow Bed

We can’t go without featuring a hideaway bed. The top part of the FurHaven Snuggery Burrow Bed functions as a soft, shapeable blanket, which makes it great for puppies and small dogs who like to burrow and snuggle.

It’s basically a dog bed with an integrated blanket that is closed on one side. Your dog can burrow its head completely under the cover, or lie the other way with its head and front part out in the open.

The bed has very high customer ratings and comes in 18″, 26″, 35″ and 44″ sizes, giving you plenty of options for your puppy’s size considerations.


The FurHaven Snuggery bed can be lined with different materials including faux sheepskin (most popular), micro velvet, and soft faux fur. A plastic hoop makes it easy for your dog to get under the hood.

The bed offers three different mattress types: orthopedic foam, memory foam, and cooling gel foam. We suggest either the memory foam, which can conform to sleep positions, or cooling gel foam, which can help prevent your puppy from getting too hot under the blanket.

The zippered cover is removable and machine-washable, but the foam and plastic tubing are not.

Even if your dog isn’t sleeping, this bed is a pleasant retreat that provides warmth, comfort and privacy. Depending on the lining material you choose, you can get the bed in colours such as espresso, cream, sage, blue, pink, gray, or brownstone.

6. Majestic Pet Contemporary Lounge Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Contemporary Lounge Dog Bed

This luxurious bed by Majestic Pet is similar to the Luxe Bagel bed reviewed above, but it’s open on one side, making it easier for your puppy to get in and out.

The Contemporary Lounge Bed is designed to be warm and very comfortable. With full bolsters on three sides, it can support practically any sleeping position for your puppy.

And like with the Bagel bed, the center cushion is reversible, revealing soft sheepskin on the other side. You can reverse the cushion according to your dog’s preference or whether the environment is warmer or cooler.

The bed comes in small, medium and large sizes. Choose your size based on the advice we’ve given throughout this guide.

Additional Info

The bed is stuffed with high-loft, premium polyester fiber fill (ideal for puppies), while the outside material is made of a polyester/cotton twill. The bed is also made with heavy-duty YKK zippers that will hold up to years of washing and use.

The machine-washable slipcover can be put in a gentle wash at a cold temperature and tumble dried; do not bleach, wring, iron or dry clean.

The particular design pattern on the bed pictured above (navy blue) comes in black, gray, mocha, and yellow colours as well. Over ten additional patterns and colour sets are available for the Contemporary Lounge Bed.

Buying Guide

Before bringing a new puppy home, it is a wise idea to stock up on the supplies that you may need, such as food, toys, bowls, and even a new bed. This will make your new dog feel comfortable and offer it a nice place to sleep and relax.

When purchasing a dog bed for a puppy, there are a few things that you should consider:

Size & Shape

Brown puppy lying on bed

It is important to get a bed that will be a comfortable size for your pup.

Measure your dog from its snout to the base of its tail — you should not get a bed that is any smaller than this measurement. Your dog will likely do more than just sleep in the bed (it may use its bed to lounge or as a place to chew its toys), and a bed that is too small will not be comfortable for it.

When purchasing a bed for a puppy, it is also important to consider how big your dog will be when it is fully grown. If you are planning on getting your new family member from a breeder, ask to see both the mother and father, which will help give you an idea of how big your puppy will grow.

If you are getting your dog from a shelter or you don’t know what the parents look like, keep in mind that by the time your dog is six months old, it is about 75% of its full size.

You can estimate how big your puppy will grow to be by measuring it at six months, multiplying that number by 100, and then dividing that total by 75. This will give you a rough estimate of how big your dog will be once fully grown. Keep this in mind when getting a bed for your puppy so that it has room to grow into the bed.

Another reason to get a dog bed that is much larger than your puppy is if you have an entire litter of puppies — a spacious bed will allow all of them to sleep in the same place.

Bed Filling

Dogs at different ages seem to prefer different bed filling.

While an older dog with arthritis may prefer an orthopedic bed, younger dogs and puppies enjoy a bed with looser filling. This allows puppies to contour the filling around their bed to make it fit the exact way they want and make them feel most comfortable.

Also, dogs of any age may develop allergies, and allergens can actually be found in some dog beds. If your dog is showing signs of allergies (such as sneezing, coughing, hives, itching, or watery eyes) look into a bed that is made with hypoallergenic materials.

Additionally, look for a bed that is not filled with latex or synthetic materials which can cause an allergic dog even more problems.

Sleeping Style

Puppy sleeping in an extended position

If your dog likes to hide away under pillows or blankets while it sleeps, look for tent-style beds that your puppy can curl up and feel safe in.

If your dog enjoys spreading out while it sleeps, look for a large, rectangular or square-shaped flat bed.

Also keep in mind how your dog likes to sleep. If your dog likes to curl up in a ball, a round bed with bolsters on the side may be just what your dog is looking for.


A waterproof bed is a great idea for any dog owner, but it is even more important for puppies who may not be completely housebroken yet or who are still learning to control their bladders.

While a dog will most likely avoid going to the bathroom on the place that it sleeps, accidents do happen, especially if a dog is not given enough potty breaks or is in a crate where there are not any other places for it to do its business.

If your puppy were to have an accident on its waterproof bed, it is easier to clean and will keep your dog’s bed in better form for years to come. In addition, waterproof dog beds are more hygienic because any urine, moisture, and water will not be able to get past the liner.

Removable Cover

Dogs of all ages are a bit messy, and it’s better for you if you get a bed that has a removable and washable cover. This will make cleanup of your puppy’s bed so much easier.

You can simply remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. Make sure to use pet-safe laundry detergent when washing fabric that your dog uses to ensure that the detergent does not irritate your dog’s skin.

It is recommended that your wash your dog’s bed every two weeks.


One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when getting a dog bed for your puppy is: will you get a bed that suits them best in the now, or will you get a larger bed that they can grow into?

If there isn’t much difference between the size of your puppy and their full adult size, getting a bed that is much larger than normal is of little concern. But if you own a puppy of a large breed, it’s something that you should seriously think about unless you plan to get them a second bed down the road.

Beyond this, the best dog bed for your puppy will depend on its body type, habits, and individual needs. But it’s possible that your puppy will like many or even all of the beds listed here, so don’t overthink finding the “perfect” bed.

When you decide to buy one, the dog beds reviewed above along with our buying guide will help you come to a great choice.

It’s also beneficial to read customer reviews of dog beds and/or get the opinion of experts, if possible. This can help you a great deal in the decision-making process.

Thanks for reading this guide. Which bed are you interested in for your puppy? Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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