Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds – 2021 Review & Buying Guide

We all love comfortable beds to sleep soundly at night, and this also translates to your dog.

If you own a large breed, you know how much accommodation they require. So, why not get them an awesome bed that will last a long time?

Your dog deserves the best in comfort; this will allow them to get good rest and pay it back to you in spades through protection and good behaviour.

Choosing a dog bed might seem like a simple enough task. However, there are hosts of different products on the market to choose from. How do you narrow them down to the best picks?

Well, don’t worry, this article is just what you need.

Our Top Picks

We’ve done all the hard work researching and testing, and we’ve finally arrived at what we believe are the best dog beds for large breeds. We have also written a buying guide designed to educate you on what to look for in dog beds, depending on your dog’s individual needs.

Here are our top picks:

  1. KOPEKS 7-Inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Dog Bed
  2. Sterling Premium Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed
  3. Best Friends By Sheri Shag Donut Cuddler
  4. FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Bed
  5. Friends Forever Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
  6. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
  7. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed
  8. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. KOPEKS 7-Inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - KOPEKS 7-Inch Orthopedic

This high-quality orthopedic dog bed by KOPEKS makes the cut as one of the best dog beds available for large breeds.

It comes in several colours: you can pick from brown, grey and brown with plush top. The dimensions are 50 inches in length and 34 inches in width.

What makes it stand out amongst the rest? Here are the main factors:

  • It has 7-inch thick memory foam, designed for ultimate comfort.
  • The rubber bottom has anti-slip properties, which means the bed will stay in place.
  • It’s waterproof, which buffers any water leakages and prevents dampness and odors.
  • The removable cover makes washing an easy task.
  • It is great for pets with muscle and joint problems including arthritis.
  • It comes with a pillow for an even more comfortable sleep.

Additional Notes

  • this bed is excellent value compared to other similarly priced dog beds.
  • dogs with arthritis generally love this bed. They’ll relax and start snoring away in no time.
  • this is a sturdy bed that will not be flattened by heavier dogs.
  • it’s a very large bed that will easily accommodate the largest of dogs.

2. Sterling Premium Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - Sterling Cooling Memory Foam

Dogs will find this bed irresistibly comfortable, not to mention the fact that it’s really stylish.

It has a unique design that can hold your big dogs quite easily. The dimensions are 35 by 25 by 8 inches.

You can also get a deep pillow pet bed from this brand in extra large size. The prominent color is beige with some darker accents.

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - Sterling Cooling Memory Foam 2

This is one of the best-looking large dog beds we’ve seen. What about the features? Here is a rundown of the important ones:

  • The memory foam contains gel for a cooling effect on your dog as well as added comfort.
  • This bed is designed to relieve pressure points, joints, and reduce heat retention in dogs.
  • It is made of high-quality, soft (yet durable) fabric that offers a very comfy and secure experience.
  • The bed is machine washable.
  • It’s very durable, and the sidewalls are made from recycled fibers.

Additional Notes

  • excellent dollar value considering the comfort and stylish looks
  • the bed feels firm but is very comfortable.
  • although big, this is not the biggest dog bed on our list, so make sure you compare the dimensions of this bed with the size of your dog.
  • has raised edges which makes snuggling easier.
  • although not labelled as orthopedic, it can still be a great choice for injured or older dogs.

3. Best Friends By Sheri Shag Donut Cuddler

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - Best Friends By Sheri Shag

What a beauty this is. To begin with, the shape should appeal to you; it resembles the donut which will allow your dog to curl up.

This self-warming shag dog bed will remind dogs of their mother’s fut coat. The largest size has dimensions of 45 by 45 inches. 36 by 36 and 30 by 30 inch sizes are also available.

The colors are distinctive: you can choose either taupe or frost. We think this dog bed is absolutely worth the money. So, what are the kickers?

  • It is made of faux fur and nylon for nothing less than sheer comfort.
  • The rim is raised to support the dog’s head and neck.
  • The soft filling relieves joint and muscle pain.
  • Deep crevices in the shag allow your dog to burrow.
  • It is safe in the dryer and washing machine.
  • Its longevity gives you excellent value for money.
  • The bottoms are dirt and water resistant.

Additional Notes

  • the 45″x45″ bed is massive and can even accommodate multiple dogs.
  • it’s very soft and cozy, and we’ve found that most dogs love to burrow their heads into it.
  • this has one of the highest average consumer ratings from over 2000 reviews, which you very rarely see.
  • you may find that their is less support and cushioning on the bottom than you or your dog likes. If you plan to put this bed on a hard surface, we suggest putting extra support underneath.
  • it’s important to wash and dry this bed properly, otherwise you may experience shedding, tangling, or other issues.

4. FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - FurHaven Orthopedic

While not at the pinnacle of quality when it comes to dog beds, this is one of the best dog beds under $50 (all sizes except jumbo are under $40).

It comes in an array of different colors too: clay, deep pool, espresso, grey, french roast, and stone gray. The jumbo size, which is great for large breeds, has 4-inch foam, a 32″ by 29″ sleep surface, and dimensions of 44″ x 35″ x 8″.

Here are the features to know about:

  • uses low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) foam for optimal pet health. It is CertiPUR-US certified and has been vigorously tested.
  • has a plush sleep surface with suede fabric, which is comfortable for noses, paws, and snuggling.
  • joints are supported by a deep convolute (egg crate) foam core, for a deeper, better sleep.
  • the fluffy fill bolsters are lightweight and supportive at the same time.
  • the cover is machine washable.

Additional Notes

  • the jumbo plus size is bigger than most beds and can accommodate the largest of dogs
  • the material is nice and soft, but it could be a little thicker.
  • the edges are a little flimsy and the bed is prone to wear.
  • we recommend changing the position of the bed and alternating the foam pieces inside in order to minimize wear and tear.
  • great quality and performance for under $50.

5. Friends Forever Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - Friends Forever Memory

The comfort and quality of this Friends Forever dog bed is fantastic, and although it’s not cheap, it’s worth every penny.

We often find that with dog beds, you get what you pay for (although this isn’t always the case, which is why we have cheaper beds on this list). If you’re willing to make an investment about $100 for a high-quality bed, you’re generally going to notice a big difference.

This bed is available in four sizes (small, large, XL and XXL). The XL bed has dimensions 44″ x 34″, and the XXL bed has dimensions 40″ x 50″. It comes in four colors: cocoa, khaki beige, pewter, and vanilla.

Here are the main selling points of this bed:

  • the plush poly-filled bolsters provide an enclosed space and the ability for dogs to rest their heads and hips.
  • the bed is made with human grade memory foam base for maximum comfort, including for dogs with joint issues.
  • the cover is very durable and resistant to tearing. It is water and fur resistant and can be easily machine-washed.

Additional Notes

  • our tests have found that the outside cover holds up very well, resists staining, repels hair, and repels liquids like urine and drool (if your dog’s urine smells too much like ammonia, see this article). Substances won’t soak through the cover into the mattress. Simply run a vacuum cleaner over the fabric, or give it a quick wipe with a wet cloth, and the dirt and hair will come right off.
  • the quality of the zippers is very good, and the seams are sewn well.
  • many dog bed covers fall apart or get ruined when washed, but we found this cover to wash wonderfully. Be sure to wash with cold water and dry on low heat.
  • the memory foam is thick and gives excellent support, even for large dogs that are capable of flattening the base with their weight.

6. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - Milliard Premium Orthopedic

If you want a simple but effective dog bed without bells and whistles like bolsters and color choices, this memory foam dog bed by Milliard is an excellent choice.

It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and extra large. The XL bed has dimensions of 46 x 35 x 4 inches.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits and features:

  • the memory foam relieves pressure from aching joints by conforming to the dog’s contours.
  • the bed is soft yet firm, so that your dog can easily get up from it.
  • the bed is made of two dense layers of high-quality foam that will not flatten over time.
  • the 100% polyester cover is waterproof (lined with a TPU coating), washable and dryable. Additional covers are available for purchase.

Additional Notes

  • make sure to wash the cover frequently and check the mattress underneath for any staining or odors.
  • the extra large bed can often hold two large dogs.
  • the bed and cover will hold up beautifully in the long term if you maintain it properly and if your dog is well-trained.
  • this is 100% solid memory foam, unlike many other beds of similar price that use egg crate.
  • recommended for large dog breeds with arthritis and similar conditions.

7. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - BarkBox Memory Foam

This dog bed from BarkBox comes in 4 colours (blue, espresso, grey and sand) and 4 sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large). It’s one of the highest rated dog beds currently on the market, with almost no negative reviews.

The large and XL sizes should be able to accommodate your large dog nicely – their dimensions are 26″ x 36″ x 3″ and 42″ x 31″ x 4″, respectively.

The bed is an orthopedic pressure-relief style that helps with ailments like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Here is a rundown of the features:

  • ergonomic memory foam and gel foam, great for various joint and bone issues.
  • can also be used as a cat bed.
  • has a removable cover that is washable and waterproof.
  • includes a squeaker toy.
  • has a 1-year warranty, satisfaction guaranteed.

Additional Notes

  • this bed is great for large dogs like the Basset Hound, Lab, Dalmation, Great Dane, and Greyhound. But for the largest dogs, we definitely recommend you get the XL size.
  • it doesn’t sink, is plenty thick, durable, and is extremely supportive.
  • dogs love the bed because it’s really comfortable.
  • terrific performance for the cost.
  • the squeaker toy is actually a good toy, and there’s a good chance that your dog will take a liking to it.
  • in our opinion, BARK Essentials has some of the best customer service in the industry.

8. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - BarksBar Gray Orthopedic

This dog bed from BarksBar is known as a “snuggly sleeper”. It uses grooved orthopedic foam with a comfortable cotton-padded rim cushion and a non-slip bottom.

The very high customer rating (more than 4.5 stars is amazing when it comes to pet products) and suitability for medium to large dogs earns this bed a spot on our list.

The large size has dimensions of 40″ x 30″, which isn’t the biggest bed we’ve seen, but it should be more than enough for all but the giants.

Here is a rundown of the main features and benefits:

  • this bed can easily accommodate dogs up to 100 lbs and up to 36 inches in length.
  • the sleeping space has dimensions of 36″ x 24″.
  • materials are a soft polyester cover with quilted design, solid orthopedic foam base, and cotton-padded rim cushion meant to contour to your dog’s neck.
  • the top-quality workmanship and premium materials are meant to provide the best comfort and sleeping experience for dogs.
  • has a non-slip rubber backing to prevent sliding on tile and wooden floors.
  • of course, the cover is machine-washable.

Additional Notes

  • wash the cover on a gentle/delicate cycle.
  • the cover is soft, durable, and well-made.
  • we think that the orthopedic cushion could benefit from being a little thicker.
  • it’s indeed easy to take apart and clean the bed.
  • according to our tests, the rim on the side isn’t very firm and is prone to getting a bit flattened. It shouldn’t be much of an issue, but we think it’s worth noting.
  • consider putting a garbage bag or other waterproof material around the foam. This way, you’ll only have to worry about washing the cover if your dog has an accident.

Buying Guide

When buying a dog bed, what should you factor in? What features make it the optimal choice for your large dog?

Here are some consideration factors and tips to help you make the most informed decision:

Purpose Of The Bed

This is arguably the most important consideration when buying a dog bed.

Perhaps you need the bed to cool the dog during a hot summer. Maybe your dog is suffering from from illness, arthritis, or other joint issues. Maybe times you need a bed that will keep your dog super warm. Do you need it for comfort and better sleep?

You should think about these things before you buy.

The Dog’s Sleeping Position

Best Dog Beds For Large Breeds - Image 1

How does your dog sleep? Does it lay in a straight or a curled up position?

Some dogs love to elevate their heads, and for this reason, they benefit from a bed that comes with a pillow.

Those that curl should ideally have a round bed. As for the straight sleepers, they should have a basic straight bed.

The main goal is to make your dog as comfortable as possible given their sleeping position.

Easy Cleaning

You want a bed that you can easily clean. Otherwise, the surrounding floor and walls will dirty, and eventually, the entire house will be covered with dog fur and odor.

We recommend looking for dog beds with a removable cover for the best experience. A machine washable bed is the way to go.

Types Of Fillers Used

The most common fillers are memory foam and polyfill.

Large breeds typically do very well in compact beds. Owing to that, consider the ones with memory foam. They provide excellent cushioning and stability.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best dog bed for your large dog breed will depend on its body type, habits, and individual needs. Fortunately, most quality beds are very affordable.

Eventually, you should be able to spot the difference between a quality and a sub-standard bed. Consider going for the thick, anti-slip beds. They are generally very durable and comfortable, irrespective of the brand.

When you decide to buy one, the dog beds reviewed above along with our quick, effective buying guide will help you come to a great decision.


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