5 Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

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We all love comfortable beds to sleep soundly at night, and this also applies to your dog.

If you own a golden retriever, you know how big they can get when fully grown and how much accommodation they can require. So, why not get them an awesome bed that will last a long time?

Your golden retriever deserves the best in practical comfort; this will allow them to get good rest and pay it back to you in spades through protection and good behaviour.

Choosing a dog bed might seem like a simple enough task. But there are a ton of options out there on the market, so how do you narrow them down to the best picks?

Don’t worry — this article is just what you need. We’ll review and compare our picks for the best dog beds for golden retrievers across a range of different budgets.

We have tested all of these beds, and all give excellent value for the cost.

Our Top Dog Bed Picks For Golden Retrievers

Based on our own testing, research, and experience, here are our top selections:

  1. Majestic Pet Memory Foam Rectangle Dog Bed
  2. FurHaven Plush & Suede Sofa Pet Bed
  3. Tall Tails K9COT Elevated Mesh Dog Bed
  4. Majestic Pet Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed
  5. Bully Beds Original Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. Majestic Pet Memory Foam Rectangle Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Memory Foam Rectangle Dog Bed

This excellent bed by Majestic Pet pulls out all the stops. It can support practically any sleeping position for your golden retriever, and has a quality build that will last many years.

Best of all, the bed is filled with shredded memory foam that is very comfortable and orthopedic, so if your golden retriever has joint issues, it’s well taken care of.

This memory foam rectangle bed comes in small, medium and large sizes. We definitely recommend the large size (36″ x 44″) for a golden retriever, ensuring that it has plenty of room to lie down even after it reaches its full adult size.


In addition to the bed being filled with shredded memory foam, the base of this bed is made of heavy-duty 300/600 Denier fabric that is water-resistant.

The zippered slipcover of this bed, which is easily removed, is woven from outdoor-treated polyester that is durable, resistant to chewing, stains and water, and provides 1000 hours of UV protection.

The bed can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the slipcover is machine-washable.

The large version of this bed weighs 5 lbs. What’s great is that it not only comes in an array of different colours, but over 25 (!) different patterns as well, meaning it’s easy to find the perfect aesthetic for you and your dog.

2. FurHaven Plush & Suede Sofa Pet Bed

FurHaven Plush & Suede Sofa Pet Bed

The Plush & Suede Sofa Bed by FurHaven is an excellent bed for a large dog like a golden retriever. It has a 4.9/5 rating on the FurHaven website, which awfully impressive.

Not only is the sleep surface made of plush faux fur that gives your dog a warm and cozy rest, but the bed also features suede bolsters on three sides that provide a great deal of additional support.

This sofa bed is available in an array of different sizes, colours, and mattress types. We recommend the jumbo size for your golden retriever, and cooling gel foam if it likes to stay cool or other foams if it needs orthopedic support.


As we just touched on above, this bed offers several different mattress and filling types. They are high-loft fiber filling, convoluted orthopedic, full-support foam, memory foam, and cooling gel foam.

It’s up to you to determine which you think would be best for your golden retriever. You can discuss it with customer support here.

Note that FurHaven uses CertiPUR-US foam, made in the USA and without harmful heavy metals, flame retardants, or other potentially harmful chemicals.

The Plush & Suede Sofa Bed has, of course, a machine washable cover, and clear wash instructions are provided. The bolsters should not be washed.

The great thing about this bed is that it can accommodate just about any sleeping position, thanks to its ample surface area and bolsters. This includes nesters and sprawlers.

3. Tall Tails K9COT Elevated Mesh Dog Bed

Tall Tails K9COT Elevated Mesh Dog Bed

Does your golden retriever have trouble staying cool? Does it make a mess with urine or other liquids? Is it a chewer that destroys every bed you buy for it?

This elevated bed by Tall Tails is meant to solve all of those problems.

The K9COT Elevated Mesh Dog Bed is comfortable, durable, and conforms to your dog’s preferred sleeping positions. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, keeping your dog off hard surfaces while providing orthopedic support for joints.

The K9COT comes in medium, large, XL and double-XL sizes. We recommend the XL (42″ x 28″) size for your golden retriever, but you should measure your dog from the head to the base of the tail just to be sure.


The anodized aluminum frame of this bed not only adds a ton of stability to the build, but is lightweight, chew-proof, and resistant to rust and corrosion. The construction of the frame also hides the mesh fabric edges, which is another layer of protection against chewing.

The mesh fabric of the K9COT allows for plenty of airflow and for liquids to drain through and away from your dog.

See the K9COT Elevated Dog Bed in action here:

Keep in mind that there’s a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the mesh surface. For more information, go here.

This bed is great for golden retriever owners who want an effective, practical dog bed and aren’t so concerned with aesthetics.

4. Majestic Pet Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed - Beige Metallic Charlie

We now bring you another top-notch dog bed by Majestic Pet. This one is designed to be comfortable and stylish, and is ideal for golden retrievers that like to curl up and snuggle while they sleep.

This bagel bed is stuffed with high-loft, premium polyester fiber fill. The full bolster helps keep your dog secure and serves as a great head rest. The bed also promotes the straightening of the spine.

The bed comes in small, medium, large and XL sizes. The large size is pushing it a little bit for a full-grown golden retriever, so we recommend the XL size (52″) just to be safe.


The Majestic Pet Sherpa Bagel Bed is woven from durable cotton twill, with a sherpa center. The base is made from a 300/600 denier fabric that is water-resistant, thus helping protect from spills or other accidents.

The upholstery fabric is made from premium materials and is resistant to wear and tear.

With your golden retriever, you’re also guaranteed a zippered removable slipcover that is machine-washable.

The extra-large version of this bed weighs 12 lbs. As is expected with Majestic Pet, the bed comes in a multitude of different patterns and colours for each pattern, making it easy to find the perfect aesthetic for you and your dog.

5. Bully Beds Original Orthopedic Dog Bed

Bully Beds Original Orthopedic Dog Bed

We couldn’t leave a Bully Bed off our list. The Bully Bed Original, in particular, is designed for large dog breeds like the golden retriever. It’s very popular and has an average customer rating of 4.9/5 out of an astounding 2300+ reviews on the Bully Bed website.

The Bully Bed Original is orthopedic, waterproof and washable, with CertiPUR-US Certified foam that is specially designed for large dogs. The foam is also free of various harmful substances including TCEP flame retardants, heavy metals, CFCs and formaldehyde.

The bed comes in medium, large, XL and XXL sizes, as well as tan, gray and chocolate colours. We recommend the large size (48″x30″x7″) for your golden retriever.


Aside from the features just mentioned, the Bully Bed Original uses a special memory foam with a 4.5 lb density.

It comes with a microfiber cover that is removable and washable. There is also a breathable, internal waterproof cover that accommodates spills and other accidents. Other features include:

  • a chew-resistant cover
  • a non-slip base
  • premium cover accent piping that enhances the aesthetic of the bed
  • a generous 20-year no-flat warranty

Why is this dog bed so great? In our experience, most dogs take a liking to it quickly. The construction is very durable — the foam holds up extremely well to wear and tear. The cover washes nicely and is easy to take off and put back on.

Buying Guide

When looking for a bed for your golden retriever, there are some things that you should keep in mind, including conditions that your dog may be predisposed to, your dog’s activity level, and more.

Here are our tips to finding the best bed for your golden retriever:

Beds Based On Conditions

Every breed of dog is predisposed to certain health conditions. While these predispositions don’t guarantee that your dog will get these conditions, it is more likely to develop them over the course of its life.

There are three conditions that golden retrievers are predisposed to that you may want to consider when selecting a bed:

1. Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

This condition is fairly common in many dog breeds, including the golden retriever.

Dysplasia a type of arthritis that is accompanied by abnormal development in the joints of the hips and elbows. The bones in these joints do not move smoothly in the socket, which causes pain and inflammation.

2. Luxating Patella

Golden retrievers are a bit more prone to this condition, which is basically a dislocated kneecap.

You may notice your dog limping or “skipping” while walking and then return to walking normally just as quick, as the kneecap goes back into place. This condition can cause the knee joints to become swollen and painful.

If your dog has either of these two conditions, it will likely be suffering from joint pain and swelling, which may also impact its mobility. If your golden has one of these two common conditions, it is a good idea to invest in an orthopedic bed for it.

A bed that is too high or too soft will be hard for your dog to get in and out of. Instead, look for a bed that is made with orthopedic foam and is nice and firm.

These beds will provide extra support to your dog’s joints, especially the hips and elbows. It will also prevent your dog from feeling the floor when it lays down.

Even if your dog does not have one of these conditions, an orthopedic bed can still be beneficial and make its bed a place your dog loves to rest and relax.

3. Allergies

Dandelion fluff

Golden retrievers are often predisposed to allergies. These allergies can come from the environment, ingredients in their food, fleas, or changes in the season, and can cause your dog to itch, lick, and scratch its skin, as well as suffer from a runny nose or watery ears.

Your dog’s bed can be a breeding ground for allergens. Dust mites and fleas can live in your dog’s bed, or it may even be allergic to the materials found in the bed such as latex filling or a synthetic fabric covering.

Hypoallergenic beds are designed to prevent the colonization of fleas and dust mites due to a tighter weave. They will also be made with hypoallergenic materials, such as microfiber.

With that being said, it is still important to remember to wash your dog’s bed frequently to keep it a clean place for it to rest.

What To Consider When Looking For A Bed

If your golden retriever does not have any of the above health conditions, there are still some things to consider when looking for the ideal bed.

1. Comfort

This one is simple: if your dog does not find its bed comfortable, it won’t sleep in it.

Golden retriever close-up of nose

Look for a bed that is firm, but not hard, and is thick enough that it will not flatten under the weight of your dog.

2. Durability

Golden retrievers, like most dogs, love to dig, chew, and scratch. When getting a bed for your golden, make sure that it’s durable and that your dog will not rip or chew it apart.

Some things to look for when checking if a bed is durable are whether it uses ripstop nylon fabric, is multi-layered, or has heavy-duty zippers. Some beds will even be made with an anti-chew material which is a great option if your dog is an extreme chewer.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Use

Golden retrievers are highly active dogs who need lots of exercise. If you spend a lot of time outside with your dog — hiking, camping, in the yard, by the lake, etc. — it’s a good idea to get a bed that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

These beds will be easily portable, as well as tough and weatherproof.

4. Washable

Dog pawprint in mud

Having a bed that is washable will make your life so much easier when your dog comes inside wet, with muddy feet, or after spending the afternoon rolling around outside.

It is recommended that you wash your dog’s bed every one to two weeks, but you may find that you need to wash it more frequently depending on your dog.

5. Waterproof

Having a bed with a separate waterproof cover is a great idea. With a cover like this, you can easily clean up messes, accidents, and spills with a damp cloth, or you could wash it separately for a deep clean.


The best dog bed for your golden retriever breed will depend on its body type, habits, and individual needs. But it’s possible that your dog will like most or even all of the beds listed here, so don’t overthink finding the “perfect” bed.

It’s also worth noting that because golden retrievers are a large breed, they will require larger beds which tend to cost a little more than smaller sizes. Still, most quality dog beds are very affordable.

When you decide to buy one, the dog beds reviewed above along with our buying guide will help you come to a good decision.

It’s also beneficial to read customer reviews of dog beds and/or get the opinion of experts, if possible. This can help you a great deal in the decision-making process.

Thanks for reading this guide. Which bed are you interested in for your golden retriever? Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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