Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs – 2023 Review & Buying Guide

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So, you love your small dog a lot, but the barking is too much to put up with. Perhaps you’ve tried verbal correction, but it hasn’t been effective.

Even if your dog responds correctly to your commands, you can’t be with it all the time. And when you’re not, neighbors might complain about the noise.

Have you considered using a bark collar? If you haven’t, you should give it a try and see how well it works with your dog.

Some organizations and individuals oppose the use of bark collars, asserting that it is an inhumane method of training a dog to curb excessive barking. However you feel about this notion, the fact that these products are available and people are using them should make them worth trying.

It can be a tough task deciding on the best bark collar for your small dog, owing to the large number of options on the market. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our Top Picks

Based on our own experience, market research, sales and rankings, here are our picks for the best bark collars for small dogs currently on the market:

  1. TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar (2019 Model)
  2. SportDOG NoBark Rechargeable Bark Collar
  3. DogRook Dog Bark Collar
  4. Elecane Rechargeable Small Dog Bark Collar
  5. PetYeah Adjustable Dog Collar (2019 Model)

1. TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar (2019 Model)

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - TPI Pro Rechargeable

TBI Pro made this collar for dogs of all sizes and breeds, whether small, medium, or large. It has three anti-barking modes: beep, vibration, and shock, which you can use according to your preference.

Any dog with a weight in the range of 7-120 lbs can use this collar. It also uses improved Smart Detection tech in the form of a microprocessor to boost efficiency.

The collar has five adjustable levels of sensitivity to help you in finding the right strength for your pet. You can train it to respond to any of the three modes, but if you’re worried about shocking the dog, for example, you don’t have to select that option.

You can also use a combination of beep, vibrate, and shock in one go, as long as the intensity is appropriate.

The detection training system is intelligent in that it ensures your dog is the only one that can activate the collar.

The digital display has an innovative design with an adjustable screen that shows you the sensitivity and intensity levels that are set.

If you’re concerned that your dog will bark so much that the collar will activate continuously, rest assured that the collar has a safety feature that takes care of this. The collar will automatically deactivate if it is set off 7 times in one minute, and will resume its functionality after 1 minute.


  • rechargeable: one charge lasts for two weeks
  • upgraded detection functionality
  • waterproof
  • uses a no-injury chip
  • lightweight with a sturdy construction
  • guards against false triggers
  • no-bark receiver which prevents continuous activation
  • comes with adjustable nylon and leather TPU strap collars
  • comes with a USB charging cable and four silicon covers

Additional Notes

  • great consumer reviews
  • this collar can easily fit your small dog.
  • the beep and vibrate mode has proven effective for many dog owners, and we recommend this as one of your first tests.
  • we recommend trying different sensitivity levels, intensity levels, and modes to see what works best for your dog. Smaller dogs likely only need low intensity.
  • customer service is great, so if you have a collar that is defective in some way, it should be easy to get a refund or replacement.

2. SportDOG SBC-R NoBark Rechargeable Bark Collar

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - SportDOG SBC-R

This is another electric collar model from SportDOG that produced great results for us in our tests.

It utilizes Silent Partner technology, which determines your pet’s barking style and prevents false corrections, such as from the barking of other dogs or other external noises.

It has three modes for you to choose from: Temperament Learning, User-Selected, and Progressive Correction. It also has 10 levels of static stimulation, which allows you to experiment and find the best settings for your dog’s temperament.

The SBC-R fits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes of 5″-22″. If your small dog doesn’t fit these specifications, the collar may not work properly, so please look at other collars.


  • batteries recharge in 2 hours
  • single charge lasts for 200 hours
  • waterproof and submersible to 10 feet
  • superior bark detection
  • detailed operating guide and customer service available 6 days a week

Additional Notes

  • although this collar performed excellent in our tests and has a high average buyer rating, some dog owners have reported various issues such as the collar no longer working or the collar causing burn marks. Please ensure that you use the collar correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and if you notice any problems, stop using it and contact SportDog immediately.
  • sleek design and a very long battery life compared to other collars.

3. DogRook Dog Bark Collar

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - DogRook Collar

This DogRook collar is has bright blue accents and a black strap. Like the TBI Pro collar, it is usable with small, medium, and large dogs of any breed.

It provides you with 7 sensitivity, vibration and sound levels so you can hone in on what works the best for your small dog.

The sonic collar has a control chip that can be programmed to only react to the sound of your dog and not other dogs.

If you don’t want to shock your dog or use citronella, this collar is a fantastic choice. It only uses sound and vibration with multiple settings, which you can control using only two buttons.


  • high-quality and water-resistant
  • adjustable
  • perfect for dogs that weigh between 11 and 110 pounds
  • has a nylon strap with reflective stripes

Additional Notes

  • the lightest, smallest dogs (less than 11 lbs) probably shouldn’t use this collar.
  • this collar has been shown to quiet the most stubborn, consistent barkers.
  • it doesn’t seem possible to keep the strap cinched at one length. Although a top collar, we feel that the strap could have been designed better.
  • the beep is very loud.

4. Elecane Rechargeable Small Dog Bark Collar

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - Elecane Small Dog

This bark collar by Elecane is specifically made for small dogs, and can accommodate the smallest dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies and Beagles. It uses vibrations and is shock-free.

Included are 5 different faceplate colours: blue, black, pink, green, and red.

This collar is best for dogs that weigh between 7 and 120 lbs. The adjustable collar fits neck sizes from 6″ to 24″.

It has all the usual features found in quality bark collars like false trigger prevention, rechargeable batteries, and rainproofing. But unlike other bark collars, this one is activated by throat vibrations, not by noise.


  • rainproof and rechargeable
  • full refund policy
  • new current-year model
  • recharges by USB in less than 90 minutes
  • a single charge lasts up to two weeks

Additional Notes

  • a very affordable collar.
  • you can fit the collar to your dog and cut the extra strap.
  • the potential drawback of a vibration-only collar like this one is that your dog can learn to bark through the vibrations, which are relatively weak. If this happens with your dog, we suggest looking into other types like spray or shock.
  • some dog owners have said that this collar is not powerful enough to stop their dog’s barking.

5. PetYeah Adjustable Dog Collar (2019 Model)

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - PetYeah Adjustable

This has been a very popular bark collar. It has two anti-barking modes: beep + vibration (green indicator), and beep + vibration + shock (red indicator). You can choose either setting based on the severity of your dog’s barking and what works.

The shock setting is protected by an automatic system that protects your dog from harm if it continues barking. The special microprocessor filters out unrelated sounds and intelligently detects your dog’s barking.

Setup is easy: just charge the device, choose a sensitivity level, and put in on the dog. In our tests, this collar worked well in almost all cases.


  • 2-3 hours charge time
  • lasts 10 days on a single charge
  • adjustable collar: fits neck sizes from 8″-24″ and weights from 8 to 120 pounds.
  • reflective nylon strap
  • includes test light, user manual, conductive silicone, contact points, USB charging cable

Additional Notes

  • many dog collars stop working after a period of time or aren’t successful at stopping barking, but this one is different.
  • no remote is included
  • the collar is well-made and strong.
  • the device is easy to clean.
  • for dogs less than 10 lbs, the box might be too big; it depends on the neck size.
  • we found that the setup instructions PetYeah provide are a little bit confusing; if you need help with this, contact them for assistance.

How does a bark collar work?

A bark collar can operate in several ways: it can give your dog a shock with a mild current, beep, vibrate, or squirt a liquid when it barks. The goal, of course, is to stop the barking.

This brings us to the types of bark collars companies offer. There are three main categories: shock, spray, and vibration. Some models use ultrasound.

Shock Collar

A shock, electric or static collar sends a small current through your dog when it barks. It distracts the dog and discourages it from barking.

While many dog owners are against these kinds of collars in principle, they can be very effective depending on the case.

Vibrating Collar

Vibrating collars vibrate when a dog barks. These are good options for dogs that are too sensitive for shock collars, and for dog owners who don’t feel comfortable using a shock collar.

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - Image 1

Vibration is often accompanied by audible beeping, which can also act as a barking deterrent.

Spray Collar

Spray collars use a liquid fragrance called citronella, which dogs dislike. When your dog barks, the device sprays citronella in the air to deter the dog from barking.

Spray collars have a microphone in the collar used to detect barking and trigger the release of citronella.

Each of these types has its downsides. For example, with the static kind, you have to be careful with the amount of shock you use on your pet. It shouldn’t be high enough to hurt your dog, nor low enough to not have any effect.

Spray collars need their citronella stock replenished, which you might forget about when you’re too busy to check the levels.

On the other hand, beeping collars don’t work with deaf dogs. Thus, you should take into account the differences and make a determination on what would be best for you and your dog.

Bark Collar Buying Guide

It is important to find a collar that best suits your small dog. Besides knowing the type of neck piece you need, there are more factors to keep in mind when making a purchase. The main ones are:


You should buy a bark collar that is flexible enough to let you change the intensity settings. This way, you are not tied down to specific levels and can experiment.

The strap needs to be adjustable as well to fit the neck size of your dog.


A good bark collar has the option to respond to quiet barks and external sounds the same way it does closer, louder sounds. This improves efficiency.

Filtering Other Sounds

Imagine the collar vibrating, beeping, or shocking your dog when it’s not even barking. To avoid this situation, make sure you buy a collar that can be programmed to respond to your dog only.

Size And Fit

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs - Image 2

When selecting a collar, you can choose one that suits small dogs specifically (or other sizes if you have dogs of different sizes). However, it is also possible to get collars that suit a wide range of pet sizes.

Such collars are worth buying, because you won’t need to buy new collars as your dog grows bigger. One can serve it for a long time.

We recommend going for a collar with an adjustable strap so you can really achieve a comfortable fit.


You can pamper your small dog with a collar that is not only effective, but looks great too.

There are many colors you can choose from. Keep in mind the weight of the collar too; don’t buy one that’s too heavy and will wear out your dog.

Choose a brand and model that uses durable materials to save you from incurring extra costs in the long run.


To avoid injury, it’s critical to use your bark collar correctly according to the manufacturer’s operating guide. Start with the lowest intensity level and increase it gradually if your dog is not responding.

Make sure it’s not too tight and hurting the dog. We recommend shifting the strap after two hours to relieve pressure from the contact spot.

Don’t have your dog wear the collar for any more than 12 hours at a time. Sometimes, a bark collar is unnecessary; in these instances, you should allow it to bark because it is a natural function of dogs. Set the collar free occasionally so the skin can breathe.

Remember to wash your dog’s neck for hygiene and to prevent skin irritation, rashes, and general discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Bark collars can be a very effective way to stop dogs from barking excessively.

Noisy dogs can be a nuisance, making it difficult to relax in a quiet environment. When you have tried verbal correction or other methods without success, a bark collar might be what you need to get some peace and quiet in the home.

The bark collars we have reviewed above are some of the best available right now, but there are others out there that we haven’t covered. With a little research, you’ll be able to arrive at the optimal choice.

What is your experience with bark collars? Have you tried any of the collars in this article? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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